TK Ice Cream Scoop v.2017 Antifreeze-Metal Easy-Grip Unbreakable (30k PSI Rated)

Avoiding the real ice cream headache

Have you been disappointed with cheap scoops in the past? Is it time to invest in an upgrade?
Our time-tested design is indestructible (yet lightweight) and will last a lifetime. Each piece is a unique creation and is hand-polished by a master metal craftsman.
The antifreeze metal handle sinks right in to your ice cream (no matter how hard), before easily releasing into your bowl.
You'll get a perfect scoop every time. Serve up perfect portions and dazzle your guests.
Limited-edition packaging makes this ice cream scoop a great gift idea.

Start enjoying your ice cream the way that it was meant to be. The Kitchenry Antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop finally takes the headache and hard work out of putting together that perfect bowl of your favorite dessert.

Imagine yourself effortlessly slicing into that old, rock hard block of ice cream that has been sitting in your freezer since who-knows-when, as if it was a fresh tub of super premium ice cream fresh of the creamery floor.

Indulge yourself any night of the week, by plunging into a previously unworkable carton of ice cream, with the cutting power provided by our scoop.

The magic starts with our proprietary warming handle design, which creates the optimal conditions for heat exchange between your hand and the high quality metal of the scoop. Simply hold it in your hands for a few seconds, and it’s ready to go!

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We guarantee that the Kitchenry antifreeze Ice Cream Scoop will be the easiest, most comfortable, and most fun way that you and your family have ever enjoyed your favorite frozen desserts.

Relief yourself from the headache of trying to fight through tough blocks of hard ice cream. Instead of spending thousands on the perfect freezer, invest in a commercial grade kitchen tool that can handle the most difficult jobs.

You’ll feel more in control of yourself, as you are still able to indulge in your nightly vice. You can now keeping portions reasonable, as you professionally roll out tight parlor style scoops.

Our one of a kind thermal energy handle uses the natural warmth from your hand, to supercharge the cutting power of the scoop.

Upgrade to the professional’s choice today! Our 100% no questions asked money back guarantee makes it a no brainer.